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How do I make an appointment?

Contact Jordan Psychological Assessment Center at (913) 647-7990 or email the receptionist at [email protected]

What kind of information can you obtain from the testing?

The exact information obtained from the testing depends on the concerns being addressed and the tests administered. Clients are frequently administered a test of mental ability or intelligence designed to measure their verbal and nonverbal problem solving abilities. Intelligence tests can also provide information about children's reasoning abilities, visual-motor abilities, short-term memory, and processing speed.

Another set of tests that is frequently used includes tests of academic achievement, which measure specific academic skills, including reading, writing, mathematics, and spelling. These tests allow the psychologist to determine whether the child is performing at a level consistent with his or her cognitive ability and how the child is performing with respect to same-age peers. Other tests administered may include neuropsychological tests, tests of learning and memory, motor skills assessments, tests of social and emotional maturity, and tests of emotional and behavioral adjustment.

My child has already been tested, but I would like a second opinion about the results. How soon can I schedule a re-evaluation?

Re-evaluation using the same test is not valid within 1 year of the original testing. Parents who have questions about the validity or comprehensiveness of recent testing may wish to meet with a psychologist for a consultation to review the previous test results and determine whether further testing is warranted. In some cases, it is possible to re-evaluate the child using a different test or to supplement the previous testing with additional tests.

Is the testing covered by insurance?

Jordan Psychological Assessment Center does not currently bill insurance, and we do not have preferred provider status with any insurance companies. If your insurance covers evaluation services and you would like to file a claim with your insurance company, we would be happy to provide you with a statement of services rendered that you may include with the claim. However, we cannot take responsibility for what your health insurance will or will not cover. You must clearly understand and agree that all services rendered to you are charged directly to you and that you are personally responsible for payment. IQ assessments and Kindergarten Readiness testing are considered elective and not covered by insurance carriers.

It is important for you to know what your insurance will cover as a consumer. Please call your insurance company to determine exactly what coverage you have BEFORE your first appointment. Ask what deductible, if any, applies to your policy. Then ask how much of your claim your insurance company will pay. It is important for you to know what to expect in advance from your insurance carrier. Service codes that are typically used are 90791, 96101, and 96102.